About Us


Kelly Greenawalt
Kelly Greenawalt is a wife, adoptive mother and children’s book author living just outside of Houston, Texas. She has always been a freckle-faced handful with a vivid imagination and a passion for storytelling. Her first book, Princess Truly and The Hungry Bunny Problem, was written for her daughters when she noticed a critical shortage of books featuring smart and capable princesses, especially black princesses with gorgeous natural puffy curls. What started out as a small, independently published project turned into something TRULY magical. In partnership with Amariah Rauscher, she founded Lemon Starfish Books – an independent publishing company on a mission to ensure that all children can find engaging books featuring main characters they can identify with.

Amariah Rauscher
Amariah Rauscher lives in central Illinois with her husband, four children and beloved bulldog, Rosie. She has a bachelor’s degree in both psychology and visual art, additionally she is pursuing a master’s degree in communication. A talented artist and illustrator, her whimsical designs can be found in her Etsy shop, The Extent of Silence, and in children’s books.  Most notably, she is the illustrator of the Princess Truly book series.  She founded Lemon Starfish, an independent publishing company, in partnership with author Kelly Greenawalt.  She enjoys playing video games and eating vegetables.